Our philosophy

A brand born from the passion for Tuscany.


Looking for
new sensations

Our vision is to bring you into our world through essences,
thereby making you discover a hidden and mysterious Tuscany.

Qubito is a brand born from the passion for Tuscany, as a real universe to explore, discover, and understand.

Tuscany as a world that is always capable of giving us something new, that we did not know about, that brings us back to its history, its legends, its spirit.

Discover an unconventional and
secret Tuscany through its scents.


To stand out in today's world you need something personal and innovative, something that is an emblem of quality and represents your personality and uniqueness.


Our Qubito are handcrafted in Italy, using traditional techniques of high perfumery and seeking the highest aesthetic and functional quality.


Qubito will be your partner in this remarkable experience through the scents. We will show you the hidden and mysterious Tuscany that you still needed to find.


Home diffusers that will give a touch of elegance to the interiors of your house. Perfumes for her and for him which will lead you to discover unknown and magic destinations.


To provide the ultimate experience, we make sure to deliver fragrance and perfume collections that are finely researched both in terms of aesthetics and design as well as in the composition of harmonious and unique blends.


For our collections of fragrances and perfumes we draw inspiration from Tuscany. Our products tell an unconventional and charming story that will accompany you at any time.

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