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Rio dei Briganti (Refills)


A waterfall roars on the edge of a ghost village, forgotten in its silence.
All around is the green freshness of a lush wood and the sweet scent of violets.

A creation with fresh accents of bergamot and cardamom and sophisticated notes of tea and iris, in combination with the aromatic scent of lavender.

Vie Cave (Refills)


Narrow roads where lights and shadow alternate and silence dominates. High walls in yellow tuff tower over ancient paths walked by the Etruscans in ancient times.

Fresh and iced juniper berries, aromatic nuances of lentisk, sage and thyme.
The base notes disperse the precious scent of woods and musk.

Rosso 804 (Refill)


The age-old wine from the land of Carmignano. For over a thousand years among the vineyards of Capezzana.

Soft aromas of red fruits, orange flowers and bergamot. Notes of red wine, rose and geranium lead to the woody lower note of cypress and cedar.

Zum Zeri (Refills)


An immense expanse of snow stands out against the blue sky. The snow slowly melts, releasing the growing sprouts. The fragrance of the ice blends in with the scent of the sea.

Sensational freshness of lemon and green notes. Aromatic scent of rosemary. Lasting scent of vetiver and musk.